ChatDash for Glimesh

Glimesh Popout Dashboard
Realtime Channel Stats and
Live Uptime Clock



You can click any of the numbers to hide them if you want.
Click again to toggle the visablility.

Text to Speech(TTS) is now built in to the dashboard.

  • TTS is off by default
  • Click the channel avatar to access TTS Settings
  • Choose the voice for chat messages to be read in
  • Choose Disable TTS from the voices to turn it off
  • Set the voice volume and click SAVE

NOTES: ♦ TTS will not read chat messages that contain http or https links due to a bug that sometimes crashes it. ♦ TTS is using the speech engine built into the browser. Different browsers will have verying results. The Edge Browser on windows seems to be the best all around and is highly recommend to use with the dashboard. ♦ Although the dashboard makes a great OBS custom dock it will not do text to speech at all when attached to OBS becasue the OBS browser plugin does not contain a TTS engine.

Pro Tip: Text to Speech can be a great help to keep streamers engaged with chat. But it can also become a problem when some chatters use it to troll and disrupt the stream. It is possible to use Windows sound settings and audio mixers such as VoiceMeeter to split out the TTS audio so that it only is heard by the streamer and not the viewers. This is a great way to get the most out of TTS without any of the downsides that might pleague it. (Credit to @BekkisOfNorway)